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Nervous Patients

It is not a surprise for us if you are anxious about visiting a dentist, especially when you already have a pain in your mouth. We at Blackburn Clinic Dental Centre understand what nervous patients might go through emotionally leading up to a visit, and while having their treatment.

Past negative experience can contribute largely to our anticipation about seeing a dentist, therefore, we make sure that all of our treatments are carried-out pain free, and we explain in detail the procedure and show the materials we use to re-assure patients that they are in safe hands.

For extremely nervous patients, we can organise a General anesthetic, so you can relax and have no fear. Please do not hesitate to talk to us about your dental issues, as we are here to listen and work together with you.

Our Team


The team at the Blackburn Clinic Dental Centre are dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible experience when you visit us.Our professionalism and experience gives us the edge when it comes to providing top quality dental health service in Blackburn.


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