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A denture can be made to replace any number of missing teeth and surrounding tissues, and is removable for cleaning. Depending on the area of the mouth and number of teeth to be replaced, they come in different shapes with pieces of appliances attached for the best functionality, comfort, and look.

Usually, creating a denture takes 6 to 12 weeks after extracting teeth, as it takes time for gums to heal and shrink so they can support the denture, whether partial or full. The steps to creating a new denture involve:

1. Examination of gums and the remaining teeth which will be supporting the denture
2. Make impressions of your mouth to create a “dummy denture” made of wax
3. Try the dummy several times to adjust the fit and check the alignment of teeth, colour, size, and other details
4. A final denture is made
5. Adjustment is made for the best fit, functionality, and comfort

It is important to always bring in your removable dentures at your regular check-ups to maintain the condition of the dentures, as well as your mouth.
For those patients who are immobile or find it difficult to come in to our clinic, we offer home visits. So there is no need for you to put up with uncomfortable dentures.

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